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portraits photo credit: Maria Ellen Huebner


is an artist, educator, curator, and gallery coordinator.  More than that, she is a human who loves this planet earth, the wonders of the natural world, and all the amazing sentient beings that share it.  She loves the richness and diversity of human cultures and strives to be a valuable community member who collaborates and works with many others, locally and across the globe.


The key themes found in her artistic practice are the elemental and geometric forms found in nature. She is inspired by the macro and the micro of the universe. In her creative work she uses multiple different processes in making sculptural works, including wheel-throwing, hand-building, coiling, slip cast in mold, as well as newer technologies.

Antra Sinha moved to the US in 2015, and currently lives with her husband in Logan, Utah, USA, and works at Utah State University. Please enjoy these images of her recent work, upcoming and past exhibitions and projects.  

Peace be with you!

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