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Artist, Educator, Curator and Community member

Antra Sinha began discovering the artist within her in 1994, when she joined a painting class in New Delhi. Following this passion, she earned her BFA and MFA degrees in painting from the MS University of Baroda in India in 2002. ​ Antra then became an apprentice to Ray Meeker for ten years at Golden Bridge Pottery (GBP) in Pondicherry, India. During this time, her role evolved according to the needs of the production and artist studio. She facilitated multiple workshops by invited artists Jeff Shapiro, Jack Troy and Tim Rowan, and taught regularly, including serving as the teaching assistant to Ray for the seven-month wheel throwing course in 2006, 07, & 09. She participated in wood kiln firings of monumental sculpture and production ware. She enhanced her artistic practice with creating works in clay and wood-firing in a 25cft Downdraft kiln. She has worked with multiple types of kilns, including Downdraft, Noborigama, and Anagama. Her knowledge and experience with kilns deepened when she began to design and build kilns in and around Pondicherry. ​ In 2007, with the Australian potter Peter Thompson, Ray Meeker and A. Iber she participated in building the first Anagama kiln in India in the studio of Golden Bridge Pottery.  An award from The Japan Foundation took her to the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park in Japan for six months in 2008. Here, her eyes opened to the wider universe of ceramics. She met artists from numerous other countries and appreciated a wide range of traditional as well as contemporary Japanese ceramic art. Her visits to various museums brought her a deeper understanding of the different aspects of Japanese culture. She trained in the Urasenke Tea ceremony tradition from a Danish Tea Master in Kyoto. At the ceramic institute, she participated in Anagama, Kanayama, Itekoigama firings. Antra also completed a large-scale version of her signature sculpture, Tetrarc, which now resides in the Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Collection. This led to a commission for an even larger, five-foot Tetrarc from the Hyatt Regency in Chennai, India, in 2009. The sculpture was one of six and was installed in 2011. ​ A trip to Australia enabled her to work at The Tin Shed Pottery in Launceston, and then assist Neil Hoffman in preparation for the pre-conference and WoodFire Tasmania conference in 2011. She experienced a Train kiln firing for the first time during the workshop. At the conference, she gave a presentation, entitled Anagama in South India, about the Golden Bridge Pottery and the first Anagama kiln in India, as well as acted as co-curator and participant in a group show with Indian artists works, called Continental Drift. ​ Antra continued her stay in Australia for several months working at the studios Qdos and Gooseneck Pottery as assistant to Graeme Wilkie and Robert Barron, respectively. Over the course of this time, she enhanced her skills throwing larger vessels on the wheel and participated in the firing of Robert Barron’s 1000-cubic-foot Noborigama kiln. Following this, she was invited for a residency at the Gaya Ceramic Arts Center in Bali, Indonesia. ​ In 2014 she travelled to Markus Bohm’s studio Muritz Keramik in Germany. Here she helped set up a pre-conference event conducted by Chester Nealie before the 2nd European Wood Fire Conference in Guldagergaard, Denmark. She joined the conference and gave a presentation on her own work: Tetrarc – Making a 5-Foot Sculpture in India. She also participated in Steve Harrison’s unique, Laid-Back Wood Firing at Markus Bohm’s studio. Antra was invited to continue exploring and researching in northern Europe at a residency at Zentrum fur Keramik in Berlin. ​She furthered her practice by building her own kiln design and opening her ceramic studio, Earth Art, in Pondicherry. This studio was on the same campus of her family’s architectural business, Ovoid Atelier (OA). She was the art curator for a landscape at a community housing called Kalpana, designed by OA, in Auroville, India. She then received a STEM scholarship to pursue another MFA in ceramics at Utah State University in Logan, Utah. ​ At the 50th NCECA conference in Kansas, she made a presentation at Blinc 20/20 and was awarded the MultiCultural Fellowship. In 2018, she received the Graduate Student Researcher of the Year Award at the Caine College of the Arts at Utah State University. The year of 2019 took her to Dankook Univeristy in Korea, where she presented a paper entitled Ceramics in South India at the ISCAEE conference. In 2021, she received the Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art Teaching Fellowship in Logan, UT. ​ Antra is a member of three ceramic organizations: IAC, ISCAEE, and NCECA. Since the summer of 2021-23 she served as a standing committee member for NCECA’s Collaboration & Engagement Committee. She has experience in teaching ceramics, drawing, and 3D design. She currently lives with her husband in Logan, UT, and serves as Gallery Coordinator/Art Instructor at Utah State University. She regularly fires a Train kiln at USU, is interested in sustainable living, and is obsessed with weeding her garden.

Antra Sinha Education MFA Ceramics Utah State University, Logan, Utah, USA 2018 MFA Mural Design Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat, India 2002 BFA Painting Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, Gujarat, India 2000 Solo Exhibitions Marks in Time/Through Time Gallery Latitude 28, New Delhi India 2022 Waves & Fibonacci Interpretation, Projects Gallery, USU, Logan, Utah USA2021 Perspective Projects Gallery, USU, Logan Utah USA 2019 Luminous Tippetts Galleries, USU, Logan, Utah USA2018 Perceptions Projects Gallery USU, Logan, Utah USA2016 Objects of Contemplation II Tasmai, Pondicherry & Citadine, Auroville India 2015 Concious Clay Tasmai, Pondicherry India 2014 Objects of Contemplation Gaya Fusion, Ubud, Bali Indonesia 2013 The Experience Togei no Mori, Shigaraki Japan 2008 Work in Progress Gallery 91, Canteen Street, Pondicherry India Churnings Gallery no.2, Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai India 2005 Exhibitions 37th Annual UT Sears Art Invitational, Sears Art Museum, St. George, Utah USA2024 Transitions, IAC-ICT, Gallery Navya, New Delhi, India The Earth We Share, Vadodara, Gujarat India2023 Wintertide, Modern West, Salt Lake City, Utah USA ROOTS OF RESISTANCE, Mestizo Art Auction, MICA, Salt Lake City, Utah USA Clay National XVII: The Autobiography of the Object, Carbondale, Colorado. USA The Modern West Modern West, Salt Lake City, Utah USA Autobiography of the Object, CCC Studios, Carbondale, Colorado USA RAAKH – A RIVER OF CONSCIOUSNESS, QCC, Cincinnati, Ohio USA NCECA MCFE, 57th Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio USA Platters, NWWFC, Newberg, Oregon USA2022 Women of the West, Wild fire Ceramic Studio, Missoula, Montana USA NCECA MCFE, 56th Conference, Sacramento, California USA Clay Carrots – The Modernist Vanguard, Stories 079, Ahmedabad India Biennial Faculty Exhibition, Logan, Utah USA2021 The Things We Carry, Eutectic Gallery, Portland, Oregon USA Inspiring Plants, Botanical Garden, Taipei City, (virtual) Taiwan NCECA MCFE, 55th Conference, Cincinnati, Ohio USA New Member Exhibition, IAC GuoZhong Ceramic Art Museum, Beijing China2020 Delegates show Suk Joo-sun Museum Dankook University Korea2019 Punter Show Cultural Confluence, Helena, Montana USA2018 Carbondale Clay National XIII- Out of the Mold, Carbondale, Colorado USA Indian Ceramic Triennale Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur India Animal Planet Gallery Art & Soul, Worli, Mumbai India Paper & Clay Tippets Gallery, USU, Logan Utah USA2017 Sculpture Graduate Show Projects Gallery, USU, Logan, Utah USA2016 Ceramic Graduate Show Readymade Gallery, USU, Logan, Utah USA 2015-16 Open Studio and Presentation Zentrum fur Keramik, Berlin Germany Digging Time Art Positive, New Delhi India Bridges The Stainless, New Delhi India 2014 Presenters Exhibition 2nd European Wood Fire Conference Denmark Mrittika 2 Invited Show, Roopankar Museum, Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal India Traditions Evolving Spring Street Studio, NCECA, Houston USA 2013 Thirteen Pondicherrians Tasmai, Pondicherry India People for Animal Platter Show Lalit Hotel, New Delhi India 2012 Continental Drift Woodfire Tasmania, Deloraine Creative Studios Australia 2011 Delegates Exhibition Wood fire Tasmania, Deloraine Australia Firebox No 1 Shanti Road Gallery, Bangalore India Shilpataru a group exhibition, DakshinChitra, Chennai, Tamil Nadu India2010 India Art Summit represented by Gallery Grasshopper, New Delhi India Shilpataru Art Event Intach Heritage House, Pondicherry India Another Way of Tea Kala Kendra, Auroville India Pashion, ash-glazed ceramics from GBP Sarjan Art Gallery, Vadodara India 2009 New Friends, Art and Adventure Japan Foundation Gallery, Sydney Australia Teapot Show Prakrit Art Gallery, Chennai India Maati Invitational Visual Art Gallery and Palm Court, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi India The Mad Hatter’s Pots Icia Shop, Icia House, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai India 2008 Harmony Show Invitational show Nehru Centre, Mumbai India Shilpataru Art Event INTACH Heritage House, Pondicherry India Peter Thompson and Friends, The Attic, New Delhi India 2007 Shilpataru Art Event 13 MMK Street, Pondicherry India Unfolding Grace Group Show, Lanxess ABS Gallery, Baroda India 2006 Three Artist Show Kaleidoscope, Baroda India 2005 Sense ‘n’ Blend Kaleidoscope, Baroda India Maa Show Travelling show India Harmony Show World Trade Centre, Mumbai India Potters Platters Forum Art Gallery, Chennai India 2003 Awards NEHMA Teaching Fellowship, Logan, Utah USA2021 Local’s Choice Award, Carbondale Clay Art Centre, Colorado USA 2018 Master’s Student Researcher of the year CCA, USU, Logan Utah USA2018 Art Department Scholarship, Logan Utah USA Art Department Scholarship, Logan Utah USA 2017 NCECA Multicultural Fellowship Kansas City, Kansas USA2016 Noni E Harrison Scholarship, Logan Utah USA Arthur & Diana Norris Scholarship, Logan Utah USA Carol Laub Scholarship, Logan Utah USA All India Bronze Award for Ceramics Prafulla Dahanukar Art Foundation, Mumbai India 2015 Carol Laub Scholarship, Logan Utah USA Arthur and Diana Norris Scholarship, Logan Utah USA STEM Fellowship USU, Logan Utah USA2015-18 Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange for Students and Youths invitation JF Delhi India2008 UGC Junior Research Fellowship MSU, Baroda Gujarat India2002 Collections SCCP Museum, Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park Japan Gelato, Gaya Fusion, Jalan Sayan, Ubud, Bali Indonesia Kalpana Housing, Auroville, Tamil Nadu India Hyatt Regency, Teyampet, Mount Road, Chennai India Dr. Raj & Asha Kubba, Hauz Khas, New Delhi India Uttarayan, ABS Lanxess, Old Padra Road, Baroda India Private collections in Australia, England & USA. Publications Exploring Cultures: Clay Cooking Vessels, NCECA Journal CURRENT USA2023 Nature/Nurture: Community, Self & Others, NCECA Journal CURRENT USA Centre of Gravity by Antra Sinha, The Log Book Issue #79 Ireland2019 Ceramics in South India, ISCAEE catalogue Korea2019 7minute short film by Sita Spada, Pondicherry India 2014 The experience an overseas report JENESYS program Japan 2009 Antra: personal expressions in clay by Brinda Gill India 2005 Presentations Baatein with Antra Sinha, NID, Ahmedabad, Gujarat India2023 Antra Sinha on her Art Practice, FFA, MSU, Vadodara, Gujarat India Exploring Cultures: Clay Cooking Vessels, panel NCECA at Cincinnati, Ohio USA Nature/Nurture: Community, Self & Others, panel NCECA at Cincinnati, Ohio USA Artist’s Journey-Antra Sinha, PVSC, Layton, New Jersey USA2022 Five Foot Wood fire Sculpture, NWWFC, Newberg, Oregon USA Kiln Talk, ICAF India, Online India Trail Talk, CCDIES Mumbai, Online India 2020 Idea to form, Sculpture making in clay, Image Animation, Pondicherry India2019 Ceramics in South India, Dankook University, Seoul Korea 2019 Eight months in Utah at Tasmai, Pondicherry India2016 Connection between Life and Work Blinc20/20, NCECA, Kansas City USA2016 Tetrarc – Making a 5-foot Sculpture in India at 2nd European Wood Fire Conference Denmark 2014 Experiments in Clay Industrial Design Centre, IIT Powai, Mumbai India Anagama in South India at Woodfire Tasmania, Deloraine, Tasmania Australia 2011 Journey in Clay Gaya CAC, Ubud Indonesia Firing Anagama in Pondicherry at Sarjan Art Gallery, Baroda India2009 Residencies Art camp at Ceramic Center, Vadodara, Gujarat India2023 Two months at Zentrum fur Keramik Berlin Germany 2015 Two months at Gaya CAC, Jalan Sayan, Ubud, Bali Indonesia 2013 Six months at Shigaraki Ceramic Cultural Park, Shiga-Ken Japan 2008 Nine years at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry India 2002 - 12 Conducted Workshops Panel – Nature/Nurture: Ceramic Community Self & Others, NCECA USA2023 Panel – Exploring Cultures: Clay Cooking Vessels, NCECA USA Sculptural Forms in Noborigama, PVSC, Layton, New Jersey USA2022 Panel – Good Job, Do Better, NWWFC, Newberg, Oregon USA2022 Cone ^6, Clay Station, Bangalore, Karnataka India2012 Attended Conferences NCECA 57th anniversary, Cincinnati, Ohio USA 2023 NCECA 56th anniversary, Sacramento, California USA2022 ISCAEE, Dankook Univerisity, Seoul Korea2019 NCECA 53rd anniversary, Minneapolis, Minnesota USA Cultural Confluence, Woodfire Conference, Helena, Montana USA 2018 NCECA 52nd anniversary, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania USA Red & Black Standford University, Palo Alto USA2017 NCECA 51st anniversary, Portland, Oregan USA2017 Marble/marble Stone carving symposium, Colorado USA2016-17 Clay Gulgong, Gulgong, New South Wales Australia2016 NCECA 50th anniversary, Kansas City USA2016 2nd European Woodfire Conference, Guldagergaard, Skaeleskor Denmark2014 Woodfire Tasmania, Deloraine, Tasmania Australia2011 Pottery Training and Assistantships Del Harrow at Anderson Ranch Art Centre Snowmass, Colorado USA2017 John Neely at Clay Gulgong, New South Wales Australia2016 Markus Bohm at Muritz Keramik Alt Gaarz. Germany2015 Ray Meeker at Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry India 2002 – 12 Robert Barron at Gooseneck Pottery, Victoria Australia 2011 Graeme Wilkie at Qdos, Victoria Australia Shiro Otani at Woodfire Tasmania, Deloraine Australia Darren Damonte anagama firing at Ohmihachiman Japan 2008 Workshops Facilitated & Conducted Tim Rowan Workshop, GBP Pondicherry India 2015 Jack Troy Workshop, GBP Pondicherry India 2013 Cone 7, Clay Station, Bangalore India Jeff Shapiro Workshop, GBP Pondicherry. India2012 Teaching Experience Drawing 1 class at USU in Fall Semester USA 2019 - 23 3D Design Foundation class at USU in Spring Semester USA 2019 - 23 Drawing 1 class at USU in Fall Semester USA2018 3D Design Foundation class at USU in Fall Semester USA Drawing at USU Study Abroad in Summer Germany 3D Design Foundation class at USU in Spring & Fall Semester USA2017 Introductory Ceramics at USU in Spring & Fall Semester USA2016 Drawing at USU Study Abroad in Summer Germany Seven month throwing course at GBP Pondicherry India 2006 - 11 Member Organizations NCECA BOARD 2023 UTAHCLAYARTS member 2022onwards NCECA C&E Standing Committee member 2021 - 23 ICAF India Ceramic Art Foundation member AIC-IAC International Academy of Ceramics 2019 onwards ISCAEE International Society of Ceramic Art Education & Exchange 2019 onwards ARTAXIS an evolving independent network of artists 2018onwards NCECA National Council on Education for the Ceramic Art 2013 onwards Currently Gallery Coordinator & Art Instructor at Caine College of the Arts, Utah State University Fall 2018 onwards

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