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Buddha Forms


Buddha Forms



During my visit to the Asian section of museum at Chicago Art Institute, I was encountered with this question - Why isn't there pottery from Indian subcontinent in the museums like they have from the Orient? 

What I noticed were Buddha statues, and various other statues created in the different types of stones found in the different regions of the sub-continent. I was enamored. What minerals form these rocks are the same/similar minerals that form ceramic. I recognized the pitch black granite rock from my childhood place of Bihar. I have noticed the pink marble in the region of Rajasthan. Also, admired the spotty grey and black granite from Tamil Nadu. These were inspiring. I thought i would use different clay bodies to create these forms and they would be placed in different part of the wood kiln, and would bring out the variety, similar to what i saw in the museum. 

I created the wavy texture of energy that connects all being as a metaphor for each of this sculpture had it and the texture was repeated as a pattern at the base, as well.

This installation has about thirty wheel thrown and coil built forms that were completed with firing in a wood fueled kiln up to 2300 deg F. A photographic print was created for the base of the installation. 

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