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The Earth We Share


The Earth We Share



The recent series of work, I have been making, revolves around shelter. I am intrigued by the different kind, types, and status of shelter that exists in our civilization. I continue to think about hives, bees and the community of collaboration that exists in the communities of sentient beings and compare it to humans. Exploring this same thought in line with the theme of our workshop – The Earth We Share; I thought about fragments of shelter on our planet earth. I create abstract representations of the variations that exists in the habitat for humans. I do not discount the fact that there are millions for whom ‘shelter’ is just an idea. A non-tangible existence of shelter for me has been described with the impression of hexagonal shapes, on the surface of the works. In response to the geometry in nature, I have created some in the shape of Fibonacci Spiral.
Finally, I am thinking about the humans for whom ‘shelter’ is an idea, for whom ‘shelter’ is a necessity, and whom ‘shelter’ is a manifestation of their desire. I explore.

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